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Edmunds Company LLP, established in 1952, is one of the oldest real estate firms in the Duluth and Superior area. We are a company dedicated to the old fashioned idea of providing personal service to our clients. The honest, ethical service that we ourselves would want if we were buying or selling a home. Yet we are "up-to-date modern" with the latest technologies which are invaluable to buyers in finding their dream home and to sellers selling their homes at the best prices in the shortest period of time.

Edmunds Company LLP is a local company who knows our area very well. Principal Brokers Ronald and Michael Edmunds are life-long Duluth residents. The team of sales associates at Edmunds Company have an exceptional grasp of our market, of our trends, and of our community. Because of the size of our company and the many specialists on our staff, we have built a rich history in residential properties, lake properties, Northshore properties and income properties.

What does it mean to be associated with the Real Home Team™ at the Edmunds Company?

First of all, the Edmunds Company will utilize our 55+ years real estate and appraising experience to analyze your home through our Team Approach To Value™, analyze the neighborhood, and compare your home to other homes that have actually sold in the surrounding area.  We will discuss with you the optimum price we think your home could be put on the real estate market for, yet at the most probable selling price.

Ultimately, how much you want to sell your home for is your decision.  But the Edmunds Company professional will assist you in establishing the best price, under the current circumstances, customized for you.

When we list you home for sale, we don't just "throw" your home into Multiple Listing Service and hope that someone else will sell it.  We are serious about every home we list and dedicated to succeed in selling your home.  Over the years, we have provided the most thorough and varied advertising for the sellers that we have worked for.  We will also provide that service for you, giving you the maximum exposure in our area through our customized marketing plan.

And we will communicate with you; keeping you "posted" as to the activity on your home, such as the reaction of potential buyers who have looked at your home.  In other words, the Edmunds Company keeps the lines of communication wide open during our listing agreement.