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Frequently Asked Questions
Island Beach Resort Home Sites

Please read the following FAQ if you have further questions.    We have referred to The Island Beach Home Sites simply as The Resort – where every day is resort living.

How is The Resort  different from traditional lake lots? 

This is the really exciting part!  The Resort features beautiful home sites with spectacular lake views – with a wonderful sandy swimming beach and a protected spot for your boat.  It’s close to town yet there’s a unique sense of remoteness.  What’s different about The Resort is that it is a Common Interest Community.  And as a part of the CIC, you will have a deeded lot ranging from 1.6 acres to 2.6 acres.  And you will, in effect, be a 1/4th owner in the 350 feet of lake shore frontage, the sand swimming beaches, and the spectacular 140 foot peninsula!

How much are the lots being sold for and what is included in the price? 

Lot prices range from $224,900.00 to $239,900.00.  This is comparable to prices of tear-down cabins on leased lots which typically have been in the two hundred thousand dollar range.  But instead of a leased lot where you have to pay a lease to Minnesota Power and pay taxes to St. Louis County, this is a fully deeded private ownership lot!

Do I need to get a bank loan to buy the land?

You can go to the bank for a loan, or use cash you may have, or possibly refinance your current home or other real estate property.  Also, you may purchase by a Contract For Deed directly with the developers.  The basics of the Contract For Deed are:  $55,000.00 down payment, 5.5% interest ammortized over a 15-year period with a 10-year balloon payment.

Where is The Resort site located?

The address is 6640 Fredenberg Lake Road, Duluth, Minnesota 55803. 

From the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth, The Resort site is northwest – just 16.5 miles door-to-door.  From the Sunset Lounge and Restaurant at the intersection of the Martin Road and the Rice Lake Road (Hwy 4), the townhome site is just 11 miles away.

Directions from the Sunset Lounge (Martin Road and Rice Lake Road). Go north on the Rice Lake Road and turn left (going west) on the Emerson Road.  Turn right on the Fredenberg Lake Road (going north) and follow until you reach Island Lake.  The Resort siteis located on the right side of the road. 

Island Lake is predominantly lease land –Is The Resort site leased land?

No.  This is one of the rarest parcels on all of Island Lake.  The eight + acre site is 100% owned land with its own private boat launch, sandy swimming beach, marina area and 140’ peninsula.  Prior to this development, the site had been a campground and resort since the 1940’s.

What is for sale?

There are ONLY four lake lots for sale – all a part of an Association-maintained community.

What is the smallest home that I can build?

As an owner of one of these lots, you will be able to build pretty much what you'd like - from an efficient 1200 square foot summer home with a 6/12 pitched roof to as large a home as you desire. It's your choice.  There are minimal building covenants which are stated in the Association Documents and available upon request. 

Who are the developers?

Mike and Ron Edmunds, Co-owners and Brokers at Edmunds Company LLP.  For personal profiles and company history, feel free to log onto www.EdmundsRealEstate.com.

What can I build on my lot

You can build pretty much what you would build on any traditional lot with minimal covenants.  

How soon do I have to build on my lot?

You do not need to commence building until 2029.

Before I build, can I use my lot to park?

No - we're sorry but you can't live out of a tent, trailer, camper and the like especially with such a long-time horizon before one has to build.  You can understand that the lot owner who does build immediately needs to have some peace of mind that the lot on either side of him/her does not clutter up the lot with campers, etc.  

Once I start building, how long do I have to complete my home?

You have two year to fully complete the exterior.   You have as long as you want to complete the inside.

Can I use the dock and my detached garage before I build on my lot?

Yes to both.  If you obtain approval to construct a detached garage, you may certainly utilize your detatched garage prior to finishing your home subject to County ordinances.  

What does CIC mean?

Common Interest Community.

What is a CIC Association?

The CIC Association is an organization of all of  The Resort home owners. When you purchase a lot at The Resort, you will be a member of the Homeowners Association.   After the developer turns over control of the Association, you will have direct input and you will be able to assist in the control of the affairs of The Resort – if you so desire.  The Association will have a Board of Directors. 

What does a 10-day rescission period mean?

Once you receive the Documents, you will have 10 days to carefully read and/or bring to your attorney to provide advice to you.   Minnesota law allows you to rescind (void) any CIC home purchase agreement you have signed, provided you do so within that 10-day period.  That is a protection to you.  An example of this protection is that you could sign a purchase agreement and reserve your lots, and then void the purchase agreement within 10 days after receiving the Association Documents.

Is there an age restriction at The Resorts?

No.  The Resort is open to all age groups.

Can I have pets?

Yes.  See Association Docs.

If I wanted to rent my home for a period of time to another party, can I do so?

Yes, however, there is a minimum of one month lease required.   The idea for The  Resort is that this is intended to be a stable rather than a transient community.  That is the reason for the minimum rental period.

How were the Association Documents drafted?

Much of the Association Documents are actually Minnesota statutory requirements and have been drafted accordingly.  In the areas where there is discretion, the documents were drafted principally with this in mind:  What would we want, as developers, if we were home owners at The Resort?  Well-conceived and well-written Association documents are designed to enhance the long-term value of the development and enhance the harmony of Planned Unit Development living.  Ms. Jennifer Carey, Partner at the law firm Hanft Fride Law Firm has drafted the purchase agreement, and all of the Association Documents.    Log onto this web site for further information: http://www.hanftlaw.com/attorneys/wmburns.html

What are the monthly Association fees?

The monthly association fee is quite minimally established at $125.00 a month.  This fee principally is for the maintenance of the 350' shoreland, the peninsula, the association-owned boat launch and the boat launch roadway.  It covers lawn care which includes mowing, trimming, fertilizing and weed control.  It further covers putting your personal dock in once a year and removing the dock in the fall.  Likewise it covers taking your boat lift in and out of the lake.  It also covers electricity in the lake front area for lighting and for boat use.  The $125.00 also covers insurance of the lake front association land, and professional management.  After a short time, the four lot owners likely will choose to discontinue with professional management and will self manage. When and if this becomes the case, the fee will be reduced by $25.00 making the total association fee just $100.00 a month.  Details are available upon request.

The Purchase Agreement and the Association Documents to govern in any instances where there is a potential conflict between this and other promotional materials.

These Questions and Answers are not intended as legal advice.  Consult your lawyer for legal advice.

Answers to these questions need to be taken in context to the collective answers to all of the questions.

The definitive answer to some of these questions may be found in the Association Documents Rules and Regulations.  Where there is any discrepancy or where more specific clarification is required, the Association Documents, the Purchase Agreement, and the actual survey are the defining answer and will govern.