Ryan Edmunds
Ryan Edmunds

Three Generations Of Excellence!!! 

As the 3rd generation Edmunds in the Real Estate business, I have been fortunate to learn, tutor and expand from Ronald Edmunds (my father), Michael Edmunds (my uncle) and Carl “Russ’ Edmunds, (my Grandfather) who founded our company in 1952. I began in this business in 1992 with my Real Estate License. I received my license as a Real Property Appraiser in 1994 and my Brokers license in 1996.

My specialized areas include:

  • Lake Properties
  • First Time Homebuyers
  • Senior Housing
  • Investment Property
  • Property Rehabilitation

Looking for Lake Properties?
You will need someone who has knowledge of area lakes. Approx. 95% of our lakes are leased land. You will need someone who has knowledge of the Minnesota Power Leases.

Looking for Buyer Representation?
My experience completing formal appraisals will help with current valuation.

Looking for Investment Properties?
I own and manage properties myself. I have created my own programs for income, expenses, returns, rent credits, etc. I have leases, rental applications and so on.

Looking for Fixer Uppers?
I have personally bought and sold distresses homes. Remodeling everything from a faucet to complete additions. I have the experience to help you through this process.

This is the bottom line. You can find someone with the latest technology, the fanciest name and the person who sounds qualified. What you really need when making some of the biggest decisions you will ever make is, will this person get the job done and to my satisfaction. Yes I will! The words you see or hear will not tell you to whole story, it’s the feeling of trust you have with your Agent that does! Feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions. My cell phone is on and with me 7 days a week.

Phone: (218) 391-6655
Email: ryan.edmundsrealty@gmail.com