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Rod Graf

Cell: (218) 340-1366


I didn't come to real estate by a typical route. I'm a craftsman -- not a salesperson. I have worked with houses and with the people they shelter for more than twenty years. Through this, I've developed strong feelings about the importance of home and the role it plays in both individual lives and in communities. My background makes me unique in the Realty profession. I've designed, renovated and built for clients with extravagant mansions, modest houses, and everything in between. I've inspected houses for banks and for buyers. And in a calm, straightforward, and reassuring way, I have educated and guided people through what can be an emotional process. I help my clients navigate real estate transactions and answer questions they didn't know to ask. I truly believe that a house can be a natural extension of a family and the right one allows their lives to flourish. As a Realtor, I pride myself on helping clients find that right house for who they are and the life they want to live. I'm excited to be part of your home-finding journey. Please call me with questions and find out how I can help you move forward.